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Metaglue MXFixer
MXFixer is a toolset to manage MXF Files and ensures consistency where files are moved between organizations or across complex media workflows.

MXFixer allows operations to proform simple checks of MXF files while providing detailed engineering analysis.
MXFixer actions include:
Package essence in standard MXF files
Unwrap MXF files to original file types
Graphically browse file contents
Research metadata in the SMPTE registry
Lookup in private dictionaries
Verify application specs and operational patterns compliancy
Apply standard metadata processing tools
Add custom file processing tools

MXFixer Enterprise FixerScript™ allows batch testing of files and reports to be filed for later consideration. MXFixer is perfect for use at Ingest or any point of the chain where a correct MXF file structure is vital.

Features by Version:
 MXFixerMXFixer Enterprise
OP1, OP Atom
Watch Folders 

What can you expect from MXFixer?
MXFixer can unwrap and check file components plus create thumbnail images of the video content. The file check results are displayed, a simple "traffic light" alert with a full detailed analysis with highlighted errors. Tests can apply MXFixer default or custom settings specific to your organization.

Using MXFixer with Diffuser
As an integrated solution, metadata can be checked against your private"master" dictionary or SMPTE’s registry. Learn more about Integrated Operation.

MXFixer can also create MXF files to a preferred Operational Pattern (OP-x) and include custom metadata.

MXFixer runs on Windows 7 and 10.

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MXFixer includes one year of unlimited product updates.
MXFixer Enterprise
Expanded functions and advanced scripting.

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MXFixer Enterprise includes one year of unlimited product updates.
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Get access to more features by upgrading your license. Each upgrade also extends maintenance for an additional year.

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