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Metaglue MXFplus
MXFplus is a software development kit (SDK) which builds on the standard MXFLib and provides extra libraries to simplify your MXF development.

Scaled to satisfy customer needs
Commercially straightforward and easy to administer
No hidden or retrospective costs
Includes all library source code
Optional support plans

The Growth of MXF
MXF continues to grow as an interconnection standard across the media and film industries and government departments creating A/V content. It now has application at every stage in the program path from content creation, through distribution.
MXFplus - the SDK
Metaglue offers MXFplus compring a full SDK, MXF analysis tool, professional services and support. MXFplus provides a cost and time effective balance between consultancy and commercial, off- the- shelf products.
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Selected MXFplus Tools:
MXFX Export XML from MXF
MXFwrap Wrap media into MXF
MXFmd Add metadata to MXF files
MXFsplit Extract essence from MXF
Royalty Free
MXFplus subscriptions are available in Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum packages.

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