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Metaglue News & Milestones
MXFixer Now with IMF for cloud and desktop
IMF testing is now coming to MXFixer, to add to the impressive array of specific tests that are already in extensive use. MXFixer and FixerScript have been selected for testing MXF files by many broadcasters worldwide.

MXFixer provides a complete desktop testing amd workflow design environment. FixerScript is the cross-platform (Windows, linux and MacOS) application for cloud QC installations and within MXFixer itself.

The combination of MXFixer and FixerScript is a great choice for large scale production. You can run first-line tests in the cloud and escalate problem files for in-depth test and analysis on the desktop. Fixerscript, the versatile, easily programmable MXF management environment, is the engine that performs the tests.

Happy Summer!
Thinking ahead to September and October, we look forward to seeing you at IBC and at SMPTE. Please contact us to plan a meeting.

We'll soon be starting beta testing of masterView V4 & MXFixer V4, with support for IMF and new metadata features. Please let us know if you are interested to be a beta tester: we want to make sure we have coverage of as many workflows as possible.

Metaglue is expanding!
Welcome Glen Sakata to the Metaglue Team!

Glen Sakata has joined the Metaglue team as Business Architect and is actively working to help match our products and services with your challenges of tomorrow.

masterView™ V3.5 released
New masterView features include

Color Simulation Filters - Playback and compare three core Anomalous Trichromacy/Dichromacy conditions

Caption Display - Confirm 608, 708 and OP47 Teletext presentation, with on-screen display and multiple simultaneous preview windows. Use MXFixer to make repairs.

Metadata Support - Show slate metadata including common applications such as AS-03 Delivery and AS-11 Contribution. Check dynamic metadata including AFD, V-Chip, and XDS.

MXFixer V3.4
V3.4 enhances the FixerScript capabilities, with new scripts for AS-03 and new tests for Index Tables.

This release also includes segmentation metadata editing and the capability to insert and edit MXF Descriptive Metadata, for AS-11 UKDPP as well as other application specifications, new features, improvements and expanded version support.

Use the new and improved tools including the Debugger, Create MXF, and Slate Metadata tools as part of your packaging workflow and quality checks.

MXFixer is is certified to test files against the AS-11 UKDPP shim.

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Visit us at SMPTE 2015
Meet with us at the SMPTE Technical Conference & Exhibition
Find us at booth 403

We are very excited to show you our latest work.
Some of the things we will be showing include

Recently released work
  • Caption Insertion
    Use MXFixer to insert .scc, .mcc and .stl captions directly into MXF files.

  • Captions preview and scrubbing
    Show CEA608 CC1-4 / XDS, and CEA708 services simultaneously.

  • World Systems Teletext (OP47)
    Play files and view OP47 and World Systems Teletext in a preview window and positioned on screen.

  • Multi channel audio and loudness metering
    Select which channels to monitor.
    Display end to end ATSC and ITU loudness.

  • Shuttle knob
    masterView now supports the Contour Design Shuttle Pro or Shuttle Xpress.

Preview Work Coming in masterView V4 & MXFixer V4
  • IMF playback in masterView
    Play IMF Packages with multiple Composition Play Lists (CPLs).
    to receive beta notifications or try the current release today..

  • IMF in MXFixer
    Create, Visualize and Analyse IMF Packages with PKL, CPL, OPL, App2 and App2e.
    to receive beta notifications or try the current release today.

We enjoy meeting with you to hear about your needs for MXF media production and discuss current and forthcoming features in masterView and MXFixer Enterprise.

to set up a meeting with Oliver Morgan.

Let us send you a free exhibit pass.

Learn more about the conference http://www.smpte2015.org/

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MXFixer V3.3 and AS11 UK DPP Now with Segmentation Metadata editing.

This release also includes the capability to insert and edit MXF Descriptive Metadata, for AS-11 UKDPP as well as other application specifications, new features, improvements and expanded version support.

Use the new and improved tools including the Debugger, Create MXF, and Slate Metadata tools as part of your packaging workflow and quality checks.

MXFixer is is certified to test files against the AS-11 UKDPP shim.

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Announcing masterView V.3

What's new in masterView?

Captions preview and scrubbing
Show CEA608 CC1-4 / XDS, and CEA708 services simultaneously.

OP47 support
Play files and view OP47 and World Systems Teletext in a preview window and positioned on screen.

Shuttle knob support
masterView now supports the Contour Design Shuttle Xpress or Shuttle Pro.

masterView Web Help
Now available online! Open masterView HTML Help.

Try, Buy or Renew masterView V.3 today


Meet with us at IBC and at SMPTE
Meet us at IBC and at SMPTE

We enjoy meeting with you to hear about your needs for MXF media production and discuss current and forthcoming features in masterView and MXFixer Enterprise.

Please to set up a meeting or a demo at IBC this year.

We will be exhibiting at the SMPTE show in October and introducing major new features.

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Announcing masterView 2.0
This new major release brings a number of UI improvements including expanded caption display, loudness metering, now MXF formats, improved playback stability and two new versions to allow you to match the needs of your operation.

Captions - The new interface supports the display of up to six caption channels. Set the number to caption windows to display with the Options tool.

Loudness Metering - Since end of 2012 the FCC has mandated that consistent volume levels are maintained throughout program playout. To aid in monitoring loudness levels in your MXF content, we have added an LKFS loudness meter.

Metadata view - We've added a Metadata bution to the playback view so you can inspect the the metadata without changing views.

New masterView versions allow you to target your specific needs. We are proud to announce two new versions of masterVIew. This allows you to gain the expanded functions of the Pro and SDI versions without having to bear the extra cost in settings where these features are not needed. The basic version of masterView is designed to provide cost effective MXF file playback and now supports OP1, AS-03, AS-02, AS-11 & AS-12 formats. masterView Pro offers all of the functionality of the basic version and adds JPEG 2000 and DNxHD / VC3 formats. masterView SDI includes all the functionality of the Pro version along with SDI playback. We recommend Aja Kona LHi.

Use masterView to review MXF files you have created or received.

Visit http://www.metaglue.com/website/masterview.php to try masterView.


MXFixer™ v3.1 is available now MXFixer V3.1 adds new capability to insert and edit MXF Descriptive Metadata, for AS-11 UKDPP as well as other application specifications.

Use the new and improved tools including the Debugger, Create MXF, and Slate Metadata tools as part of your packaging workflow and quality checks.

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Metaglue releases MXFixer™ v3.0 Metaglue is pleased to announce this major release.

This latest release includes a number of new features, improvements, expanded version support including:

Create MXF Tool
Our tool for creating MXF files has gotten a major upgrade with this release,

Configure your output for every option and detail of the MXF spec. Use one of the pre-supplied applications and optional Shims or write your own. We supply AS-02 AS-03 AS-10 and AS-11 application settings.

MXFixer comes with example presets for AS-PBS and for AdID you can load. Adapt one of these or write your own.

Add source video, including MPEG, H.264, DV, VC-3, JPEG 2000, or Motion JPEG. Add source audio, including WAVE, AIFF or AC-3. Add captions from SCC files and upconvert to SMPTE 436 and to CEA 708. Add AFD, fixed or varying for each segment in a file.
Click to see the Create MXF Tool.

Debugger Tool
You can test FixerScripts with our FixerScript Debugger, then deploy them locally or compile them and deploy them throughout your facility. FixerScripts can be triggered from the Tools Menu, from programmable Watch Folders, or from Web Services.
Click to see the Debugger Tool

Slate Metadata
MXFixer now enables you to query a web service and get metadata to insert in files. MXFixer comes pre-configured for Ad-ID.

Specify a file Identifier such as a house name or external ID like Ad-ID® or EIDR, and use a Slate GUI to fill in slate metadata, import from XML.

You can use metadata schemas defined by organizations such as SMPTE, AMWA, and Ad-ID, or you can make a form to carry your own metadata in standard MXF DMS format.
Click to see the Slate Query Tool

Additional Controls
You can crop the source to remove leader and trailer, add MXF Timecodes (including System Item Timecode) and even set SOM (MarkIn) and EOM (MarkOut) based on the frame postion or Timecode.

An advanced view allows you to fine tune more options and values in the MXF Header.

Read more about MXFixer


Integrators and Resellers
MXFixer is available as a plugin to DigiMetrics Aurora and Amberfin iCR. The plugin runs MXFixer scripts and integrates the QC output into the Aurora system and Amberfin UQC. Plugins can be purchased direct from either company.

We are happy to announce new resellers: Reelway GmbH in Germany and Exlight Ltd in Japan. We are working with Reelway to write custom scripts to optimize MXFixer AS-11 for German broadcasters.


MXFixer Enterprise™ Adds FixerScript™ MXFixer Enterprise adds "FixerScript", a new scripting language that allows you to customize your MXFixer installation for your own workflow.

FixerScript is already up and running in a number of applications.

Uses include:
  • Workflow Scripting
  • Caption Insertion
  • File Analysis
  • Metadata Correction
Metaglue also offers onsite FixerScript training classes in Europe and the US.


MXFplus™ 2.2 is available now
MXFplus jump starts your advanced MXF development.

Are you in need of customized MXF development solutions? Is your team looking for ways to solve problems unique to your unique workflow?

MXFplus gives you access to our most powerful MXF development tools and libraries in combination with the right amount of custom development and consulting so that your can not only accomplish your immediate goals but also open up the wider world of MXF development so that you and your team can stay in control of your organizations digital video applications whether it be playout, archiving or production.

Read more about MXFplus


masterView™ 1.8.5 is available now
masterView now plays AS-02, AS-03, AS-10, AS-11 & AS-12.

Codecs include DV, MPEG-2, H.264 and AVC.
Pro Codecs also include JPEG2000 and VC-3 (DNxHD®)

masterView continues to expand into the Professional MXF player market space.

The current version can handle up to 24 channels of Audio, shows AFD safe areas and has the option to show timecode from GC systems as well as header metadata.

Also included is the ability to scrub the captions and beta support for DV. Existing masterView users can upgrade immediately to the latest version.

Also coming shortly will be an SDI ouput option.

Read more about masterView


MXFactory™ 3.6.3 is available now
Metaglue is now shipping MXFactory 3.6.3

MXFactory enables faster ingest into Avid systems. For maximum flexibility, you can run MXFactory without your Avid and import the converted content as MXF files later. Direct input of DPX files allowing you to preserve or add metadata and timecode information.

Read more about MXFactory


postView™ player for Avid DNxHD®
Metaglue is now shipping postView V1.1, a Linux based player for Avid DNxHD files for customers wanting desktop playback without the need to use an Avid system.

postView allows creative staff to review material away from technical areas and includes the ability to zoom into images and compare still frames of different versions, making it perfect for CGI and animation environments.

Read more about postView


masterView continues to expand its feature set.
25-27 October 2011 in Los Angeles, booth # 507

Once again, Metaglue demonstrated new product features. Oliver Morgan had many informative meetings and interactions with out customers and partners. He showed off new updates in Diffuser, brand new support for LTFS in MXFixer and AS02 in MXFixer and masterView.
7 - 11 September 2011 Amsterdam

Ian Baker and Neil Dunstan met with many partners, clients and resellers. They demonstrated many new product features and explored challenges and opportunities with our many valued customers.
For MXF file quality control, version 2.3.8 supports long filenames on wrapping and shows the name of short tags in Hex View.
11th-14th April 2011, Las Vegas

Oliver Morgan and Neil Dunstan met with partners, clients and resellers at the show.
Metaglue is now shipping postView V1.0, a Linux based DNxHD player that won't tie up your Avid system.
First deliveries of this new real-time MXF player for MPEG2 H.264 & AS-03 files have been made.
Metaglue demonstrated integration of the emerging AS-02 and LTFS standards using BXF and MXF. February 14 - 18, 2011 in Rancho Mirage, CA
Now with improved error detection. MXFixer is quickly described as the Oscilloscope / Signal generator for MXF.
3D support for Avid files included in this client-driven feature set.
MXF players for broadcast and post with easy to read display at low cost

Lexington, MA –1st June 2010 - Metaglue has announced the introduction of two MXF viewers in time for IBC, Amsterdam 10th-14th September 2010, masterView™ for broadcast and postView™ for post.

Read the Press Release
3D support for Avid files included in client-driven feature set.

Lexington, MA –28th June 2010 - Metaglue announces the immediate availability of MXFactory™ Version 3. MXFactory creates Avid compatible MXF files from a wide range of video formats. It can be used as both a stand-alone system and in integrated workflows to speed up the ingest process.

Read the Press Release
The Material eXchange Format offers efficiencies

Neil Dunstan recently contributed an article to the Broadcast Engineering World Edition.

The article discusses how operational efficiencies can be achieved through the use of the evolving MXF Application Standards.

Read the article on the Broadcast Engineering website
Metaglue has released the beta version of its first
real-time MXF player for MPEG2 H.264 & AS-03 files

This cost-effective operational tool shows:
  • Video in SD and HD
  • Eight channels of audio
  • Vertical Interval controls
  • Subtitles
Read more about masterView
Final development of our integrated MXF QC tool is well under way.

If you require a QC tool for file-based media, which:
  • Has a user friendly interface
  • Is designed for an operational environment
  • Provides viewing of MXF files
  • Brings automation to support your QC and review process
  • Has the potential to integrate along your whole program path

We will keep you informed about the final release.
Matt Beard joins Metaglue as Principal Developer.

Matt brings 15 years of broadcast software
engineering expertise.

We recently welcomed Matt as an official full-time member of the Metaglue team. Based in the North East of Scotland,
Matt has been a collaborator on a number of Metaglue projects including development of our MXF Library into a fully fledged system—which as an open source solution is now integral to a considerable number of industry products.
Read Matt’s Bio
Metaglue personnel attended the HPA Technical Retreat for a first showing of new technology to help the automation of Quality Control for file based material.

The new software will allow media companies to automate part of the QC process across the whole file based workflow to considerably cut costs and employ human resources more efficiently. It was on public show for the first time in the HPA Demo Room.

Oliver and Julian Ramm, Metaglue’s new West Coast representative, were in attendance.

Oliver also presented at the Breakfast Roundtables to discuss Program Versioning with AS-02 and Program Distribution with AS-03.

The HPA Tech Retreat was be held at Rancho Mirage 16th -19th February 2010.
Julian Ramm is appointed as West Coast representative.

With a continuously expanding customer base on the West Coast, Metaglue has recruited Julian Ramm to provide local support for existing and future clients. With career experience stretching across the broadcast, post and film industries in the UK and USA, Julian will be the local sales contact and provide a hot link back to development teams.
Lexington, MA
12th January 2010 - Pioneering MXF and metadata company Metaglue Corporation has appointed Scene&Heard as its Western US Marketing Consultant. The L.A.-based PR and Marketing agency will also provide sales support to the Hollywood media community and across the western region ...

Read the Full Press Release
Managing Content Integrity for MXF

At the October SMPTE Technical Conference in Hollywood, Oliver Morgan presented a paper outlining a new standards based approach for managing Quality Control of file based content. This will allow media companies to automate part of the QC process to considerably cut costs and employ human resources more effectively.

Visit http://www.smpte.org/ for more about SMPTE.

Oliver Morgan presents a paper on the MXF Application Specification at the annual PBS Technology Conference.

MXF AS-03 is an Application Specification to optimise MXF file structure for program delivery. It is intended for direct playout via a video server, for example, and is based on a PBS profile for MXF program delivery to their member stations.

View the presentation.

MXF “Mit Out Essence”

Oliver Morgan's article apeared in the March 2009 issue of the SMPTE Journal magazine.

Visit http://www.smpte.org/ for more about SMPTE.

Ian Baker joined Broadcast magazine’s “Managing Digital Workflows” conference to lead a panel discussion on “Metadata solutions for fast, reliable and secure file-based transfer”.

The panel comprised James Weeks (Executive Producer, New Media, Sky News), Kevin Jones (Senior Research Scientist, DSTL) and George Luff (Director of Process Improvement, BPI Improve).

The topics discussed included:-
  • Choosing the right metadata to facilitate tracking and finding the file you need
  • Tackling interoperability issues in workflows –what can you do to minimise the pain of incompatibility?
  • Practical steps you can take to ensure secure file-based transfer
  • Maintaining quality control in your metadata to ensure the consistent performance of your digital workflow

Oliver Morgan was among the recipients to receive an Emmy Award for Development and Standardization of File Formats for Video and Audio at the January 7th awards ceremony.

Oliver was a principal architect of MXF and chair of SMPTE W25 throughout the development of MXF.

Visit http://www.smpte.org/ for more about SMPTE.

Systemwide QC Using MXF and Metadata As more and more assets are being managed and manipulated in the file domain, processes are becoming increasingly automated and thus invisible. Overall Quality Control of the asset is becoming a significant cost factor in the lifecycle of any audio visual production. Creating an audit trail of QC information and asset lifecycle information in MXF allows highly automated reliable systems to be built with a minimum number of human touch points. This session will illustrate the principals and technology involved.

The Technology Conference Website

Following Metaglue's continued support of the Advanced Media Workflow Association, Metaglue has now moved from Associate Member to Principal Member of this organization.

Oliver Morgan was re-elected to the Board of Directors.

Please visit http://www.amwa.tv/ for further details.

Putting AAF and MXF to Work

The conference, Mastering Digital Workflows, organised by Broadcast magazine took place in London on 6th March. Neil Dunstan of Metaglue gave a presentation on behalf of the AMWA about "Setting Industry Standards for Digital Workflows" to the audience of senior production, operational and technical strategists.

With the increasing use of MXF across the industry, many manufacturers are working to include this as an interconnect standard for their products. With finite staff resources, companies often look for external support on an “ad hoc” basis for specific projects of this type – which allows their own engineers to concentrate on company specific developments.
Since it started in 2002, Metaglue has provided bespoke MXF consultancy to many organizations in many markets. However, we are aware that an “off the shelf”, cost effective, service is more appropriate in many cases. So employing Metaglue’s past experience, we can now offer an MXFplus package to help organizations implement MXF in their products and systems.
MXFplus is a software development kit (SDK) which builds on the standard MXFLib and provides extra libraries to simplify MXF developments. At Metaglue we never like to make things more difficult or expensive than necessary. So our aim is to provide a service which:-
  • Can be scaled to exactly satisfy the customer’s needs
  • Is commercially straightforward and easy to administer
  • Has no hidden or retrospective costs
  • Includes all source code to the libraries
  • Delivers what you want, when you want it
If you feel that your organization could benefit from this type of service, please so we can explore your requirements!

Putting AAF and MXF to Work

Metaglue is proud to announce its involvement with the MXF Mastering Format Project. At NAB 2007, the Advanced Media Workflow Association – AMWA (formerly The Advanced Authoring Format Association - AAFA) sponsored the first public demonstration of this long-term initiative.

The aim of this project is to bring a fresh approach to MXF and to provide proposed, real-world solutions for key workflows, focusing on creating a single MXF master file from which multiple versions of a program may be created.

This rationalization project currently includes two key strands: MXF Mastering Format and the MXF Processor API. The work, which was started two years ago by Turner Broadcasting System, Inc., was demonstrated at the show and was open to comment and scrutiny. The Advanced Media Workflow Association welcomes input on this technical proposal.

The full list of manufacturers which took a leading role in this MXF rationalization work is:
EMC, Marquis Broadcast; Metaglue; Omneon; Open Cube Technologies; Pro-Bel; Quantum; Snell & Wilcox; Softel; TMD.

Please visit http://www.amwa.tv/ for further details.

Once again, We at Metaglue enjoyed an insightful and successful IBC. As metadata devotes, we are gratified to know that so many of you are now engaged in in projects utilising this exciting new technology, and we are excited to be in a position to contribute to your projects with our knowledge and tools.

We look forward to seeing all of you at IBC 2007!

As a special offer for new orders on Diffuser and MXFixer, taken before October 2006, we are giving the first year's maintenance free of charge. This applies regardless of whether they are bought separately or together.

July 11th & 12th in Burbank.
Download the event brochure.

The AAF Association will be holding its Technical Awareness Event & Conference on 11th & 12th July in Burbank. Again we are pleased to support this event where visitors will be able to see MXFixer and MXFactory in action.
Visit the AAF Association website for full details about this event.

On Thursday July 15 at 6:32pm Pacific Time, Oliver and Brad Glimer of the Advanced Authoring Format Association join Philip Hodgetts and Michael Horton to discuss AAF, MXF and the upcoming AAF Technical Awareness Event.

Listen to the Podcast

If your organization has to manage MXF files, you probably have a requirement to check the metadata. MXFixer has been described as "the waveform monitor for metadata". It enables you to unwrap the file and check that the metadata is present and correct before rewrapping.

Learn more

Broadcast Engineering published this white paper piece by Neil Dunstan in their May 2006 edition.
Download a pdf of the white paper.

Read the article in the Broadcast Engineering online edition.

Metaglue is pleased to announce that the Ascent Media Group has extended the provision of their Hosted Service of Diffuser by a further year and added a package of MXFixer and AAFixer to complement it.

Read the full press release.

Find us at SL1513C in the Avid Developer Community.

Once again our booth will be staffed by Oliver Morgan, Ian Baker, Lisa Coen and Neil Dunstan.

We will be demonstrating the integrated operation of MXFixer and Diffuser to provide a full package to extract and analyze metadata whilst comparing it to a custom metadata dictionary before rewrapping it.

As always, we would be very pleased to see you at the exhibition and invite you to contact us to set up a time to meet. The dates for the show this year are: April 24-27.

MXFactory is a family of products which creates MXF files. Launched in a version that creates high quality proxies from ultra-high resolution telecine outputs, the range is expanding to include other combinations.

Oliver Morgan participated in the Hollywood Post Alliance Technology Retreat.

Once again, Oliver lead several breakfast roundtable discussions:
  "Metadata and Workflows"
  "MXF in Production, Post-production, and Archives"

Visit the Hollywood Post Alliance Website to learn more about the Hollywood Post Alliance.

MXFixer 30-day trial
If your organization has to manage MXF files, you probably have a requirement to check the metadata. MXFixer has been described as "the waveform monitor for metadata". It enables you to unwrap the file and check that the metadata is present and correct before rewrapping.

Obtain your copy or learn more.

On November 10, 2005 Oliver Morgan presented
"Storing User Metadata in MXF (and other) Files"
as part of the Media Infrastructure - MXF, GXF, and AAF session.

View more details about the session.

Please visit the SMPTE web site for details about other conferences and seminars.

File Under "Too Difficult"?
Different organizations are at different stages of planning for the exploitation of metadata. This article draws parallels with other technological leaps that our industry has experienced and describes a few of the ways that companies are planning today to get significant business benefits and competitive edge.

TVB Europe published this op-ed piece by Neil Dunstan in their October 2005 edition.

Download a copy of the article.
Visit TVB Europe at http://www.tvbeurope.com

Public beta testing of the SMPTE Registration Authority website is now underway.

Thanks to everyone who visited us in Amsterdam. This provided valuable insight into your current and future projects. We hope that our discussions helped our customers to formulate their thoughts in the use of MXF and metadata and look forward to our continuing discussion. And thanks also to those who placed orders!

Due to overwhelming demand at NAB2005, Metaglue released an online trial version of Diffuser.

Our Diffuser™ product began shipping in January and we are now pleased to announce our new Diffuser online demonstration tool.

To experience Diffuser in action, go to http://metaglue.tv/diffuser and register to set up your own trial account. You will gain quick and easy access.

Metaglue demonstrated MXFixer at NAB2005.

After 4 days of talking with customers and demonstrating Diffuser™, AAFixer™ & MXFixer™ at NAB2005, we are all tired but happy - with new insights and ideas about your needs, projects and questions.

Thanks again for taking the time to stop by our booth. It's always wonderful to be able to catch up with old friends and to meet so many new colleagues with exciting cutting edge projects. It is very encouraging to see a growing appreciation of how metadata can improve both your creative and business processes. It is your thoughts and ideas that have helped to make our products a success.

We are very pleased now to be shipping the Diffuser™ product into the US and Europe with AAFixer™ & MXFixer™ due shortly, and we look forward to helping you with your projects

Oliver Morgan participated in the Breakfast Roundtables: AAF & MXF Working Together on Thursday, January 27, 2005

Metaglue also participated in the AAF Association Demos from Wednesday evening through lunch on Friday. Visit the Hollywood Post Alliance Website to learn more.

Oliver recently appeared on the DV Guys internet radio show.

Listen to the archive of the show.

On November 13, 2004 Oliver Morgan was elected to the Board of Directors of the AAF Association.

Visit the AAF Association website to learn more.

Oliver Morgan presented a tutorial covering online access to the SMPTE Registration Authority Conference in Pasadena CA

Please visit www.smpte.org for details about other conferences and seminars.

As the dust settles from a whirl wind of activity at IBC 2004, we want to tak e a moment to reflect on our experience. As always it is rejuvenating to connect one on one with the individuals we define as ‘the industry’, share our ideas and progress, hear about yours. We came away with substantial validation of our concept, a clear vision of the extensible path we are on and a renewed vigor to ship product.

We thoroughly enjoyed our time at the show in Amsterdam and look forward to seeing you again next year, if not before. Thank you for making IBC a success!

Each year respected columnist Bob Turner announces a select list of the best and most exciting products exhibited at NAB. This year, Metaglue Diffuser and AAFixer were named to the list.

Products making THE CUT are those that are poised to take video postproduction to the next level. subscribe to Bob Turner's online newsletter: THE CUT./a>

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